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» Nocturne my Artbook

If you like my art please support my project and help me make this artbook ! SHARE, REBLOG AND LOVE! 


March 24 I’ll launch my first Crowdfunding campaign  for my Artbook ”NOCTURNE”.
“NOCTURNE” is a full color collection of about 100 sketches, illustrations, paintings that go through different genres, from romantic subjects to surreal situations and characters, and also some extra content such as the step by step of some illustrations. 
Every one of these drawings is a sublimation of my different states of mind, but it is also a story and you get to decide the beginning and the end, I’m just showing a moment in between. A moment that somehow I experienced.
If you like my drawings and my inner world, I hope you will support me and help me realize this book.
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Hi there,wow i am amazed how you use photoshop for your watercolor-style! Is it just Photoshop brushes, or do you use any other plug-ins or tools?

Hey there dear Anonymous, thanks for the wow! Yes it’s just my Photoshop brush, no filter, no plug-ins or any kind of magic. It’s actually very simple, i paint as I would on paper.

Hey, Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your dashboard and honestly was mesmerised by the first glance! I love your artwork and each piece is visually ore inspiring.. I could get lost in the ideas that present themselves after the first glance! How do you come up with so many inspiring ideas?

Hey Tom, thank you very much! Receiving messages like yours means a lot to me. Believe me when I say that you just made my day ( since here in China is morning )
I don’t know if my ideas are inspiring, but to answer your question, every each one of them is a mood, a sensation, rage toward someone or myself, a song I was listening to,  I just tried to put those feelings in colors. They are like the sublimation of my different states of mind.

I don’t know how else to explain :) thanks for stopping by


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